Pistonsoft BPM Detector

Pistonsoft BPM Detector 1.0

Are you a DJ, a professional sound engineer, or just making sound tracks at home sound recording studio? Making the rhythms or create a harmonious music sequence? Make your task easier by instantly seeing the tune's number of beats per minute (BPM)! Pistonsoft BPM Detector scans your entire collection of songs and detects the number of beats per minute, which gives an idea of how calm or how energetic the tune is. Pistonsoft BPM Analyzer can display the numbers right away in its convenient browser-style interface, but most prefer this information saved as a tune's meta-tag. You'll end up having all of your MP3s with ID3v2 tags that contain BPM numbers - easy to access and show by your favorite jukebox!

Features of the program include:

  • Automatic BPM scan mode for folders surfing
  • Can save BPM to ID3v2 MP3 tag
  • Options for Scan first few seconds only
  • Hot keys for all operations
  • An easy-to-use interface
  • Windows Vista compatible

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Pistonsoft BPM Detector


Pistonsoft BPM Detector 1.0